Soon we will clock up a month of Pilates in 2024…. commencing 5 February, we are best positioned to roll out our new group class format.  I have emailed a copy of our client handbook which outlines your role in the process of attending group classes at The Movement Refinery. I have taken the time to share with you a full map of each training block (four months) so that you can prepare for each class and pace yourself week to week. For those of you who are looking to deepen your understanding of the work, I hope it acts as a handy companion to our in-studio training. Please read the general info page and anything related to the classes you attend before 5/2 so that we know you’re on board with the optimisation and that I can answer any questions you may have.
My vision for the studio is built around preparing you to feel comfortable and strong using the classical Pilates method and then bringing in other methods to gild the lily. Currently, I support many clients who are still coming to terms with a post-lockdown way of life and surviving on that hamster-wheel of life… while we don’t always need to push or achieve, I believe that every client has the potential to go from ‘new to exercise’ to an experienced mover. I don’t support the industry trend of ‘challenges’ or binge exercising, instead I offer a sensible journey to strength and physical clarity which you can attend between 2 – 5 times per week without a leaderboard.
Our new system allows you to work at your preferred level, relaxed yet strengthening or opt-in to the more serious levels and be empowered to the intense full body work including preparation for  backbends, handstands and the gymnastics elements on the rings or bars.
We offer a four month cycle with a weekly skill focus in the Studio class which is matched to the pursuit and focus of the Reformer class. Your class is divided into a few segments: Revise existing skills, Flow a collection of the classical work to develop your fitness and recall, Develop new skills and investigate how your body can produce them.
In the client handbook I outline
  • Purpose and entry requirements for group classes at The Movement Refinery
  • Intention, culture and entry requirements for each level
  • Weekly theme and content plan for both Reformer and Studio in each level
  • Content list to self-measure if you’re ready to move up a level
  • Mat and reformer original list (for your study reference)
  • Studio guidelines


Progressive level clients

Note: From 5/2/24 classes will have a strict lockout policy at the start time. Progressive level clients will be required to complete a quiet 5-10 minute self-directed warm up PRIOR to the class time as we will no longer provide a warm-up for you. This will enable us to provide you with more Pilates content and encourage your independence within the method and when away from the studio. Working this way is an important milestone in the lifecycle of a Pilates client/student and will plant the seeds for autonomous studio access.


I am always available for a 1:1 call or explainer or to receive your feedback. Please reach out if I can assist.