Welcome to Week 1/16 of our new block training programme designed for your success and confidence in the North Melbourne studio.

Each group class level will be working on similar themes and this week we are looking at the ‘centering’ family of exercises and the key shapes required to efficiently move through the early Reformer and Mat. By now you know that all teachers at the studio care deeply about your wellbeing, safety and development; this is why we teach you exactly how to start and finish a Pilates movement including mounting the Reformer and or changing springs or straps as you go, often these nuanced movements are called ‘transitions’ and are hallmark of the original method. 

Whether mounting correctly or weaving a transition in, the idea is to provide a connection from one exercise to the next that adds to the physical strengthening process, the cognitive learning effect or taking care of the Reformer or Tower to set you up appropriately without fuss. 

Technique tip: Start right and chase the connections

Comfort, clarity and strength come from developing the connections of the mind and body through movement and then fortifying these connections with the actual Pilates exercises. 

Don’t throw yourself into the start of the Reformer or Mat sequence without a few preliminary exercises where you can test your internal bluetooth connectivity on the day. Can you lift your head without straining your neck or do you need to fine-tune? If you enter the 100 position from the ‘flat on the floor’ position, have you arched your lower back or strained your neck? Or… when you add load to the movement on the Reformer, Tower or Chairs, can you withstand and thrive or do you crumple? The purpose of any warm up is for you to actively sort out these core connections and determine which props may assist your session; you’ll also benefit by creating a buffer from your day and enriching your learning environment by focussing from within. 

This first exercise family covered in 1/16 on the Reformer covers

  • Footwork
  • The Hundred 
  • Short Spine Massage
  • Coordination 
  • Rowing

Studio classes this week focus on the Mat and using the springs to replicate and develop movements from the Reformer, notably the Rowing sequence. 

  • Standing arm spring series in Body Conditioning for Pilates (formerly known as starter). 
  • Spine Corrector back extension (starter+)
  • Integrated sprung roll down variations (progressive)

See you in the North Melbourne Pilates studio of your dreams soon!