Based on the very first invention of Joe Pilates (the metal shoe) it is a magical device that revolutionises how you stand on your feet and react / relate to the ground. Mr Pilates applied for the foot corrector to be patented around August 1922 in Germany – before he moved to the USA in 1926.

The Foot Corrector is a pedal connected to two resistance springs and a brass plate allowing you to depress and elevate the pedal while receiving feedback from the device. Feedback comes in the way of producing a movement of the pedal without altering your box / powerhouse/ torso alignment. Easier said than done!

The Foot Corrector can be used solo, or in a pair for the ultimate awakening work out of your posterior line (back of the body) and will result in improved posture and endurance. This device stimulates your mind/body connection and balance too.

Have heavy legs and tired feet? Get onto the Foot Corrector and feel the relief that comes through activation and strength!

Nicolas xo