Classical reformers are built to the specifications of the original design (patent submitted in Germany circa August 1924 and a year later in the USA). The two leading manufacturers of classical equipment offer some slight customisations, but the mechanics are largely unchanged. Simple. Analogue. Beautiful.

Modern reformers are wonderful, chock-full of modern engineering and innovation but from a Pilates workout perspective, you can get away with absolute murder.

Classical reformers are not ‘machines’, but a companion to your workout. They provide feedback as you go. Your reformer carriage will not close against the stopper unless you use your powerhouse to glue it shut using your effort and grit! On a modern or contemporary reformer however, there is more of an automatic glide, where the carriage closes without any effort. Great for some, pointless for most. Try for yourself and see which beast gives you the best all-round workout.

The Movement Refinery uses only classical equipment, with our custom-made reformers produced in New York City at Pilates Designs by Basil. Our classes are aimed to build clients in the classical method ensuring that you are truly ‘doing Pilates’ and not gym work on a reformer, which is sadly common place at many group reformer studios. In addition to our work being closely aligned to the original method, you will learn how to effectively move your body to avoid injury, increase muscular efficiency and to always work from your powerhouse (core) making sure you get a brilliant workout each and every time.

We are proud to be one of the most equipped studios in Australia and look forward to seeing you on one of our reformers soon!