Stand out from the crowd


Looking back, moving forward … The original work is not for everyone, but it should be and it definitely is at TMRACADEMY.

We’ve made space for you and can’t wait to join the dots with you.

A note from the Director

This is a boutique training stream, inclusive and customizable to your outcome. TMRACADEMY focuses on in-depth training demonstrating our dedication to the craft and students. Pilates training (even if already qualified) is something not to be rushed and I take pride in developing long-term relationships with clients, students and colleagues. This is a small training ‘organisation’ with the primary aim to share what has been handed down over my career through trainings, research, workshops and practice.

2021 looks to be a busy one, with trainings planned in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Plus, we are developing our network in New Zealand and would love to hear from you. Our courses will be delivered ‘live’ in these cities, but you can join us for a virtual option from wherever you are located.

Our 2021 delivery dates will be set once all participants are enrolled so that we can work around your existing commitments and schedule. TMRACADEMY requires 100% attendance at our delivery dates and we work collaboratively to do so.

Please introduce yourself by phone or email and see how TMR ACADEMY can develop your understanding of the original work.

Kindly, Nicholas


    • A classical immersion for contemporary trained and qualified instructors
    • Comprehensive training and apprenticeship for those new to the profession
    • Shorter format Mat or Reformer only training
    • Private training to enthusiasts

    We are developing a suite of professional development on-demand content for our TMRACADEMY course participants and the broader teaching community. Sign up to our mailing list below to stay on the front foot.



Introduce yourself and request a course prospectus.
We are Melbourne-based but can deliver parts of the training in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and New Zealand.

If you want to be a part of a truly comprehensive course that values your input, how you move and develops your teaching craft, introduce yourself by email here for a prospectus. You’ll need to complete five private sessions as part of the application process.