A note from the Director

This is a boutique training stream, inclusive and customizable to your outcome. TMRACADEMY focuses on longer-format training demonstrating our dedication to the craft and students. Pilates training (even if already qualified) is something not to be rushed and I take pride in developing long-term relationships with clients, students and colleagues. This is a small training ‘organisation’ with the primary aim to share what has been handed down over my career through trainings, research, workshops and practice.

Please introduce yourself by phone or email and see how TMRACADEMY can develop your understanding of the original work.

Kindly, Nicholas



• A classical immersion for contemporary trained and qualified instructors

• Comprehensive training and apprenticeship for those new to the profession

• Apparatus-based training and certification in The Mat or The Reformer


Like the Pilates method itself, we are decidedly ‘old-school’, however we love to throw open the doors to the original Pilates method and utilise technology to support all learning styles too.


The studio is one of the rare few to use ‘classical’ equipment allowing our clients to have an authentic Pilates experience. Our equipment, custom built in New York City and Europe, in combination with our teaching philosophy delivers client outcomes and workouts unmatched. The Movement Refinery is equipped with multiples of every piece of Pilates equipment and accessory that you need to become a great practitioner of the work. Our training courses will feature the full apparatus family to allow you to hit the ground running.


If you want to be a part of a truly comprehensive course that values your input, how you move and develops your teaching craft, introduce yourself by email here for a prospectus. You’ll need to complete five private sessions as part of the application process to make sure that you are ready to study or receive pointers as to how to best prepare.

We are Melbourne-based but can deliver parts of the training in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and New Zealand.