Virtual Pilates Summit


16-18 October

Due to the impact of COVID19, we had to cancel our year of planned face to face workshops. We were thrilled to assemble a host of national and international presenters and launch what we thought was a one off event in June, the first international Virtual Pilates Summit. Turns out, the success was not limited to the Pilates component but how we came together as a community just as we were.

So… a second Summit was rolled out in August and with improvements to scheduling and the offer of 14 day limited replay and professional development accreditation, it was an even bigger success.

It’s never good to stay too long at the party, so the 3rd edition in October, will be our last summit.

Join a stellar line up of enthusiastic and generous Pilates professionals and turn COVID19 lemons into lemonade with us once more.

We offer six two hour sessions which are all live on Zoom. The August summit also offers limited replay of the workshops and PDPs / CECs for most of the sessions too.



What’s included?
Absolutely everything … six two-hour workshops.

Book here and then head to the schedule and book in to each session to receive the zoom link and booking confirmation.

Or Book in here for each workshop ($89)…just head to the day / date on the calendar and select what suits!

Fighting Frailty

Susan Cottrell

Friday 16 October 4pm – 6pm

Pilates studios across the country are full of clients who love the method and how it makes them feel. While many start because of an injury or postural improvement, they tend to stay for years if not a lifetime.

The Number of people aged 65 years and over in Australia has more than tripled in the last 50 years and there are now 3.14 million Australians aged over 65.  The number of people aged 85 years and over has increased by 9 times over the last 50 years, with this age bracket now numbering over 500,000 people.

As we age and our needs change it is important to know how to work with an aging population to build their confidence and fight frailty. A skilled Pilates instructor can even help an older person to manage chronic disease and continue to live independently reducing burden on the health system and the aged care sector.

Attend this workshop to help your clientele in top shape and fight frailty.

Caddy See, Caddy Do!

Brooke Siler

Friday 16 October 6:30pm – 8:30pm

From Brooke:
Going through my training with Romana Kryzanowska, in the early 90s, observing her teaching students became one of the most powerful tools for shaping my teaching.

Caddy See:
Following on from hugely popular ‘The Power of Observation’ at the previous summit, Brooke will work with another Australian teacher; this time using the Cadillac as her main work bench. Using her skills as a teacher and proponent of the method, Brooke will coach the teacher (unknown to her) explaining her choices along the way while we get to watch the results in real time. A powerful learning experience for us!

Caddy Do:
In the second hour of ‘Caddy See, Caddy Do’ Brooke will then lead the group through a Cadillac workout using some of the previous exercises as well as additional concepts and repertoire.

This is the ultimate chance to watch a master at work and then immediately embody the magic within your own practice and body.

The shoulder complex : A Pilates approach

Alex O’Neill King

Saturday 17 October 11am – 1pm

This two-hour workshop is designed to refresh and enhance existing anatomy knowledge, relate theoretical understanding to Pilates practice and assist participants to think critically with problematic cases, relating directly to Pilates applications.

Areas of focus include recognising common movement patterns at the shoulder girdle, thoracic spine and rib cage, plus how this impacts global movement strategies. Practical applications of theoretical knowledge will be presented, including pre-Pilates exercises, useful cues for Pilates repertoire on the mat and studio apparatus, as well as modifications and progressions to assist you in guiding your clients to the most functional use of their shoulders and upper limbs.

We will briefly look at current research available around the shoulder, movement and pain, and discuss how our cues and program selections can align with current best practice.

“Pilates – from Head to Toe”

Benjamin Degenhardt

Saturday 17 October 5pm-7pm (TBC)

The Pilates method addresses the body in its entirety—not one part is highlighted, isolated, nor ignored. This workshop focuses on some of the smaller pieces of apparatus that were invented to help integrate movement into a full-bodied experience—such as the Magic Circle, Neck Stretcher, and Foot Corrector. You will learn about the hierarchy of the different inventions and how to bring these concepts into your teaching (even in the absence of the specialized apparatus). The session will be illustrated with footage from the 360° Pilates video catalogue.

The Movement Detective : For the FEAR .. Fun of it!

Tanya Cates

Sunday 18 October 10am – 12 noon

I love the feeling I get when I see the look of shock JOY on a client’s face when they ‘accidentally’ completed something that they didn’t know they could do.  I have been told that my superpower is progressing clients relatively quickly, building a strong foundation to empower and engage allowing a client to succeed when they didn’t think they could. I don’t know about the superpower part of it, but over time I have developed a recipe to help me know when to gently push and when to hold back.

Fear is a tricky thing. Do you know the concept of ‘false expectations appearing real’? I can’t take credit for this, but it is the launch pad that gets my curiosity up and about!

Whose fear is it anyway? Injuries, experiences (or lack thereof), strength concerns, ‘I am not a dancer’ and other limiting thoughts hold instructors back from helping clients progress to the oft-perceived scary and Insta-friendly exercises.

FEAR is normal, it keeps us safe, the brain is designed that way.  How do we lead our clients to go where their head thinks they can not while honouring when their body says they should not? A delicate dance must begin!

In this workshop I will lead a brief discussion on fear. We will particularly pay attention to recognising it, how to honour fear and especially the timing of when it presents. We’ll come up with strategies for moving through it.

Then, we will play with movement! You’ll get a birds-eye view into what I look for and progression layers I make as an instructor to confidently progress a client (you) from ‘pelvic curl’ to ‘candlestick’ faster than we may have previously thought possible. This is far from risky! Watch as I take the dance of reading the client, honouring the method, observing safety markers and punch through fear walls!

There is nothing better than the feeling of seeing you’re a client thrive and their confidence grow most notably when they achieve something they told themselves wasn’t possible.

Working with Elite Athletes

Helen Stamatakos

Sunday 18 October 1pm – 3pm

Having elite athletes as Pilates clients presents a series of unique and fascinating challenges.

How can you effectively condition someone who is already in prime physical condition? How can you work within an existing training regimen across many disciplines, trainers and coaches?

There are points to consider when working with someone who makes a living from being in top condition. The session will focus on both an athlete who works primarily with the lower body (running and jumping based skills) and an upper-body weight-bearing athlete who has different and additional demands.

Two elite athletes will be present to work with Helen as exemplars of their work pending COVID-19 trading restrictions.

“Breathing is the first act of life and the last. Our very life depends on it…Above all else, learn to breathe correctly.”

Joseph Pilates