I’m a new client … where do I start?

If you want best results and the optimal experience, arrange a private session to begin your time at The Movement Refinery. This will determine the best course of action as you may be unsure which class is right for you!

Some clients stick with private sessions until they feel confident in their body and that they can ‘share’ their instructor. Others jump straight into group classes. It’s up to you, but we are here to support.

I’ve done Pilates before… how is ‘Classical’ different?

Well, Classical Pilates is actual Pilates. In our humble opinion, everything else, is a derivative and misses out on the essence of Joe Pilates’ work.

We work with the traditional order of the mat (if you are in a Tower class) and even the Reformer (if you are in a Reformer class or private session) sequences work cumulatively to prepare your body for the hard stuff.

New clients tell us that they prefer ‘Classical’ because it makes more sense. They get more out of their body and they feel the mind-body connection built to their advantage.

Classical Pilates gives you the best workout following the traditional teaching of Joe Pilates and the Elders. We don’t just add ‘pulses’ or tricks just because, The Movement Refinery aims to give you a total Pilates experience at each and every session.

Read more about Classical Pilates here.

What is ‘Tower’?

Our signature class is based on the original work of Joseph Pilates and focuses on the wall unit/Tower apparatus. This class uses both the traditional mat exercises and the springs/bar of the Cadillac in one specialised and upholstered unit to milk the last drop from of effort and energy from your body.

Read more about Tower classes here.

What do I expect in a Pilates session?

Expect to be challenged mentally and physically as you learn a superior way to move your body through guided exercises and a format that has stood the test of time.

Not all classes are going to make you sweat, but they will ALL make you feel a bit floaty, connected to your muscles and joints and stronger and taller than when you walked in the door.

When the time is right, your session will match your ability with challenge, and provide the most intelligent full-body workout available by utilising all of the many apparatuses in the studio. The most sophisticated piece of kit however, is your instructor … an experienced practitioner with an eye for detail like no other, and this is what you will be sure to find at The Movement Refinery.

What happens in a Reformer class?’

During a Reformer class, you will be one of only three clients working on the most well known classical apparatus, the Reformer.

Your teacher will guide you through a series of exercises designed to warm you up, challenge your weaknesses, build on your strengths and cool you down at the end of the class.

At The Movement Refinery we will teach you proper Reformer Pilates, the pure stuff, with absolutely no dilution or compromised routines. Ours is the original work on the original equipment designed to make you sweat, get stronger and feel invincible like the superhero that you are.

We are not like any other studio, but a haven for Pilates addicts across the city, wholly dedicated to the work, past and present.

Read more about Reformer classes here.

What can I expect from private sessions?

In a private session, your instructor will take you through the Pilates system using any and all pieces of equipment to provide you with a safe and effective workout that connects your body and mind.

While group sessions are amazing, this specialised form of training will ensure all boxes are ticked, you will walk out feeling worked, connected to your core and with a sense of accomplishment!

Private sessions are always the best way to start your Pilates journey whether you are a novice, a pro, injured or just needing a tune-up for a fitness campaign. Rest assured, our expert team will join all the dots and make you feel strong, supple and like a rockstar!

Read more about Private sessions here.

I have an injury, I can do a group class… right?

A group class caters to all members of the class, absolutely, however there are movements that need to be accomplished in each and every session. While modifications are always made for different abilities within a class, actual injuries are best accommodated for in a private session.

In this format, objectives can be determined following a discussion and movement screening (through the Pilates method) which when combined with your instructor’s expertise to allow for superior results.

Please be mindful of other clients and members in a group class. If you feel like you need extra attention or will not be able to do almost everything of what your instructor asks of you, please contact the studio to arrange a private session and let us determine which programme is best for you.

What do I wear for classes?

Comfortable active wear, form fitting if possible. Ensure your clothes are free of zippers as they tear the equipment.

If you have long hair, please bring a hair tie so that your instructor can assess your form with ease.

Please bring a fresh pair of socks, preferably with a non-slip sole.

Health fund rebates? What’s the scoop?

This entire framework is under review with the Health Insurance Commission and the individual funds as well. Please check with your fund directly as each one differs.

Pilates is corrective exercise and can work your entire being for the better.

Try not to get caught up in what is ‘clinical’ or best-practice as these concepts aren’t grounded in long-term results. Just know that the staff at The Movement Refinery are experts who dedicate their professional lives to providing the best results to their clients.

How often should I attend?

As frequently as possible. If Pilates is your only exercise, attend multiple times a week. If you have a jam-packed exercise schedule already, try attending three times a week even if for only a couple of months and then reduce during your ‘on-season’ to twice per week for best results.

When you start Pilates you start learning how to move in an efficient way and it can take time to get the hang of it and build your endurance. Attending infrequently will keep you as a perpetual newbie, the more often you come, the sooner you can be ninja-level.

I can’t make it to the North Fitzroy studio, where else can I train?

The Movement Refinery often runs pop-up events throughout Melbourne.

Stay glued to our News and Events page and social media channels to find out more!

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