Nicholas Psarros, Founder and Director

“I really get a from buzz building up a client from the early days. From learning to breathe and coordinate basic movements to then bringing in the intermediate level work for an athletic and effective Pilates session. As the client continues to progress I see them ‘wake up’ in their body. Their posture changes, they walk with a spring in their step and they love how strong and free they feel.

“Seeing my clients’ confidence build and move towards their version of the advanced work truly uplifts me!”


For over 15 years Nicholas Psarros has dedicated his life to the craft and community of Pilates.

Nicholas studied Performing Arts as a Dance major at Brisbane’s QUT, where he used Pilates to rehabilitate from several injuries and further understand the inner workings of his body. He eventually decided on a career transition and since 2002 has trained extensively.

Nicholas is dual certified with two comprehensive Pilates qualifications, as a member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia and as an Exercise and Sports Scientist with ESSA. He works from a multi-plane and 3D approach which reflects his training in the Gyrotonic method becoming the first Australian-trained teacher in 2005.

Passionate about educating young performing artists on the importance of self-care, Nicholas was on staff at The Australian Ballet School as a key member of the highly-regarded Health and Welfare team from 2013-2016. For four years, Nicholas was affectionately known as ‘Mr P’ and worked alongside an innovative team to ensure the elite adolescent ballet dancers were supported with a mix of cutting-edge sports science, Pilates and pastoral care.

In 2015 while attending the Pilates Alliance Australasia conference, Nicholas fell in love with ‘Classical Pilates’ and began another Pilates certification process where he trained with esteemed teacher Olga Tamara. From this journey, his passion for Pilates flourished and saw him establish The Movement Refinery (TMR). This haven for Pilates enthusiasts was brought to life to offer a Pilates practice that is true to the foundations of the method while integrating modern-day exercise and sports science concepts.

Like many other professionals, Nicholas wants to see the local Pilates community grow through the sharing of ideas, individual talents and the love of the craft. Through this collaboration, he believes the clients and communities we work with will greatly benefit.

In 2016, Nicholas established The Melbourne Pilates Teacher Network (MPTN). This network is centred around providing a platform for like-minded instructors who are comprehensively certified in the Pilates method. The group provides a platform for these individuals to come together to share ideas and take advantage of low-cost professional development aimed at bridging the gaps in our diverse community for instructors with different training and delivery backgrounds. With over 500 members, Nicholas facilitates an online forum and key events to drive positive change for the Pilates community, from within.

Nicholas loves to work with clients from a variety of backgrounds, exercise novice to professional athlete. You’ll often find Pilates teachers as students in one of your classes with him.

Working with young dancers is also a life-long passion of Nicholas’. He currently consults to private dance schools providing a mix of athlete development strategies, a positive relationship with exercise and a good time.

In his spare time Nicholas exercises using the Pilates method and loves to run and cycle with friends. You’ll often find him at the park with his gorgeous dog Prince Dexter.

Haggar Neder, Instructor

Haggar Neder was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel, recently relocating to Australia.

Graduating from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) she made her first steps to help her community find better health.

Haggar commenced her training as a Classical Pilates teacher while waiting for her nutrition internship to begin; she felt that the exercise method added another dimension to her knowledge of the human body. Under the guidance of Brenda Korb and Tami Ungar, Haggar soaked up every part of the training course connected to the Pilates lineage through Amy Taylor Alpers of the esteemed Boulder training centre in Colorado.

Haggar’s Tower class is known for a solid workout with excellent flow that makes you feel electrified. Using the Pilates method, Haggar will challenge your body and mind by increasing awareness of postural control and breathing in daily activities.

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