Wundaclass: Work in a small group utilising the classic Wundachair apparatus 

NEW to TMR, our Wundaclass provides an excellent platform for the intermediate client to help enhance strength, challenge weakness and test resolve.

The Wundchair apparatus is a humble stool with springs for resistance and a pedal to activate. It can quite literally catapult you into a better, stronger, more mobile mover and shaker. This apparatus is used in the method to gain lift in the body and challenge the concept of centering.
You have to be on your A-game when using the Wundachair, which connects you to your centre and works a true two-way stretch. With only a small platform to sit, stand or kneel on the chair commands purity of movement.

The Pilates devotee will note many similarities between the advanced mat work and the work on the Wundachair, but most importantly, working on the chair is another place to explore and deepen the six principles of Pilates: Centering, Control, Coordination, Breathing, Flow and Precision.

In addition to the unique apparatus, Wundaclass can involve time on the mat, exploration with other props and mastery across the broader Pilates system.

Once you have developed a sense of Pilates in your mind and body, add a new dimension to your practice with the Wundachair. Not often used in a group environment, the chair offers a deply centering workout, improved body awareness, increased balance, better spinal mobility and fabulous upper body strength … plus, it’s fun!

Limited to four clients per session.




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