Private session: work 1:1 with your instructor across the full range of Classical Pilates apparatus.

A great way to learn the Pilates method is in a private session. Your instructor acts as your coach and guides you through the repertoire across all of our classical apparatus, well beyond what you would find in a standard or ‘clinical’ Pilates studio.

As we are a fully equipped and trained studio, you will experience the Cadillac, Barrels and the series of chairs that don’t often feature locally: The Electric Chair, The Baby Chair and the wondrous Wanda Chair.

Private sessions are led by professionally certified, experienced instructors, such as TMR Director Nicholas Psarros, who understand the body and have devoted their lives to the craft and art of the Pilates method.

Private sessions enable you to exercise safely and at a pace suitable to your needs. The Movement Refinery recommends Pilates lessons at least three times per week and in this way, adding a Private session to your tower class roster (or vice-versa) is a great way to reach your physical peak.

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